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Motorcycle parked outside the El Kactus Hotel, Argentina

Lonely Road: South America. Episode 01 Available Now


Lonely Road Season 02, South America Episode 01 - DON’T FLY FOR ME ARGENTINA

Lonely Road heads to South America for a 25,000km epic adventure through Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia on a KTM 890 Adventure. Episode 1 kicks things off, getting to Argentina and heading north to explore the Parque Nacional El Palmar (El Palmar National Park) and ultimately the jaw-dropping Iguazú Falls.

All footage is original.

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A Perfect Moment - Josh Kramer /
Wild Side - Friggin Foxes /
Beech Love - Fire and Smoke /
Digital Moss - Hyna Ruje (Instrumental) /
Rhodan - Crystallized (Instrumental) /
Yellen - Fever /
620 (Instrumental) - Vico V |

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